The world is now more connected than ever. Technology reliance has increase three-fold as compared 10 years ago. With the traditional business operator stagnant in their past glory, new players like Airbnb is now paving a career path for new age, digital hustlers. People are desiring more freedom and other source of incomes as they follow other paths, live or travel abroad, and Airbnb has become one of the most popular source of additional income for many home owners. But what makes it so attractive to these hosts? PASSIVE INCOME Becoming an Airbnb host means you can accrue a larger income overall than just letting your property. By charging per night, the bookings may fluctuate but hosts can still make more cash if they know how to manage and promote their home properly. The key is, it must be managed properly to maximise revenue. FREEDOM OF LIFE: MORE TIME FOR YOU Opting to be an Airbnb host can provide an income that helps the provider free time up to travel, be involved in other ventures or follow other lifestyle pursuits; so it’s no wonder that it is trending. Being a host means more quality time and leisure plans. EXPERIENCE AS ANOTHER INCOME STRAND IN AIRBNB Airbnb has also created its new Experiences platform. But what is it? At the same time as being a general Airbnb host, Airbnb Experience hosts help travelers get to know a destination at a deeper level through authentic local experiences. If you have a love for yoga, you can increase your Airbnb income by signing up as an Experiences host and start to engage your guests by offering a yoga retreat. If you love baking, you could whip up a little something sweet for your guests to welcome them, or you could start baking classes for your guests, offering an insight into local food culture – a huge part of the travel experience. This all adds to the overall Airbnb journey, your profile and income. MORE ATTRACTIVE ? • Greater flexibility – more time for family, more time for yourself • The ability to try new things and experiences – dedicate some time to taking enrichment classes, language lessons or other vocational stuff that you’ve been putting off • Meet new people – entertaining different guests or making friends through your classes and workshops are the best ways to get to know people who share the same interests • Diversify your income and earn more – this could be possible for some but depends on what kinds of full-time passion projects or activities you are involved in • Love what you do (the most important thing point) – you are able to get into something that allows you to be more involved in things that you are truly passionate about and believe in THE BEST PART : LESS WORK REQUIRED If a host is time-starved it is hard to balance managing a property and being an Experiences host. We can step in to help take the hassle out of hosting for a small fee. This means there’s more time for yourself, and truly connecting with your guests.